Significant Lake Effect Snow For Some Tonight through Tuesday Night


Lake effect snow is beginning to fall, and fall heavily, in many locations from the city of Chicago north into southern Wisconsin. This band of lake effect snow is what we’ll keep a very close eye on overnight through the day Tuesday.

If you’re not familiar with how lake effect snow works, it is an extremely localized band of heavy snow–typically 10-20 miles wide at best. The band of snow “wobbles” north, south, east, and west depending on the exact wind direction at the time. Areas under a band of snow can see 1-3 inches of snow PER HOUR leading to significant accumulations whereas areas just outside of a band of snow can see little to no accumulations.

Lake effect snow warnings are issued for Cook County and Lake effect snow advisories are out for Lake County, IN–but even the NWS said that could change depending on where these snow bands decide to set up…



The lake effect snow will start off from Chicago northward into southern Wisconsin and work its way slowly south, perhaps affecting areas of Lake County throughout the early morning hours. As winds turn more northerly during the day Tuesday, this band of snow looks to work its way into Lake County–potentially as far east as Porter County as the day progresses. Those in Lake and Porter counties stand the highest chance of heavy snow during the day Tuesday into Tuesday night. We’ll be tracking this snow by the hour, so please stay up on the latest forecast.

Outside of the lake effect snowband–you will see NO snow. Areas inside the band of snow will see 1-2 inches of snow per hour and could see 10+ inches of snowfall. Again, it will be very localized and will affect Cook County first before transitioning in our direction overnight into the day Tuesday.

Here is our computer model’s take of where the snowband will be early tomorrow and again tomorrow afternoon:




Region Weather will begin tracking this band overnight and through the day tomorrow on   Facebook

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