Two Rounds of Snow Heading Towards NW Indiana


After a winter without much snowfall, it figures that March would be the time for winter to show its face again. A storm system is developing in the northern Plains and will make its way southeast towards the Region overnight and move east during the day Monday. Behind this system, lake effect snow is likely with a strong northerly wind and cold temps aloft–adding to our accumulations in NW Indiana and likely impacting travel.


Snow flurries and snow showers will begin later this evening and periods of light to moderate snow are likely overnight into Monday morning. While we may see brief periods of heavy snow showers, we’ll get most of our accumulation the duration of the snowfall and not necessarily a period of distinctly heavy snowfall. Snow will briefly taper to scattered snow showers and flurries Monday afternoon before lake effect snow develops.

Below is a look at what the radar may look like late this evening into the early morning hours as the snow moves in:


Here’s a look at what the radar may look like early tomorrow morning with widespread snow showers over our area:


The lake effect snow will begin to take over as this storm merges with another storm along the east coast. Winds will howl out of the north and northeast. With plenty of cold air aloft, a lake effect snowband looks likely and may impact Lake County, but looks to remain focused more on Cook County including Chicago and the south suburbs. This band of snow may shift back into Lake and even Porter counties towards the end of the event.

All snow should begin to wind down by Tuesday night into Wednesday as this system pulls away from the area.


Region Weather is going with a general 2-4 inches from the system snowfall through late Monday. Most of the model guidance is indicating that the lake effect snow band will affect more of Cook County and extreme western Lake County until it briefly moves east Tuesday into Lake and Porter counties. If the lake effect band situates over Lake County Monday night and Tuesday, we could see several additional inches of snow, with totals perhaps exceeded 6 inches. As of Sunday afternoon, it appears the highest snow totals will be focused from extreme NW Lake County up into Cook County in Illinois. Here are two computer model’s ideas of snowfall totals:




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